Links Collection

Groups or studios
CG arena, lots of awesome free tutorials
DigitalApprentice, some tips and tricks for modeling
Sparky Animation(Singapore), one of my friends is working there
FrederatorStudiosBlogs, this archive is about character design
Light Probe Image Gallery, HDRI resources
The 123D
Illuinate Labs, Turtle tutorials
Computer Graphics World
Matte World Digital
SkyMedias, CG libraries and tutorials
3D Artists
3D Forum

Featuring individuals

Articulation, the perfic rigging and weighting tutorial
Drone, a vfx guy's blog, with good tutorials
ShawnLiang RiggerReel from youtube, a perfect realistic female body rig
Simonscat, Let's watch cartoons!
ShanePrigmore, Dreamwork designer, crazy about Michael Jackson
Chih-Ming Chang, an animator from tw, blog is in Chinese
Andrew Raz, Character Artist, portfolio
Anton Presson, portfolio
Skymedias, SSS tutorial and other killing technique
Alp Altiner, VFX artist, art work and tutorial
Paul Debeec, associate Director
Web Museum, watercolor
Ben Proctor, concept artist
Riana Moller, concept artist
Graphite Light, Graphics and 3D art
Kenny Fuller, concept artist
Niels Valentin Dal, matte painter
Shane Madden, concept artist
DUSSO, matte painter
Bobbyboom, Pixar animator
CameronMiyasaki, Pixar animator
KeithLango, animator with good ideas
CarlosBaena, Pixar animator, lots resources
AnimationPodcast, by Disney Animator, Clay, lots of handy info
GrickleThings, 2D artist
ChrisG, xsi skill notes and etc
TysonIbele, 3Dmax skilled artist, multi-style
AnimationMentorTips&Tricks, animation notes
Anamie, animotion samples
TimLinklater, feature film animator

Concepts and 2D arts
Art Renewal
IBIBLIO, library and archives
Computer Arts
llustration Friday
Illustration House
Illstration Web
Thumbtack Press

 Checked from school handout sheet

AnimationWorldNetwork, AWNcareer
VFXworld, AWNcareer
AnimationMagazine, creativeHead
Highend3D, creativeHead
CGchar, forum and news
11SecondClub, forum and resources
AnimationMeat, notes and resources, mainly for 2D
BetweenTheFrames, notes
FlipOnline, animation notes and examples
StrutYourReel, forum
CartoonModern, resources mainly for 2D
DrawingForce, life drawing notes
CartoonBrew, infos

Dialog Resource...
IMSDB movie scripts, for reviewing the scripts or stories
Lierature.Org a free online library of some classic works
The Burgomeister's Books, free e-books of classics